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Palisade Fence

Palisade Fence

Palisade fence is high-security fencing, it is very popular in the middle east market. It is designed to protect against introduction and theft and provides a good alternative to a high wall. It is manufactured using hot-formed and cold-rolled substantial steel sections. Also, it has a very neat-looking option, like different pales sections and pale top points, and can be painted easily with your color of choice to match the environment or buildings. A Palisade fence is easy to install and move. A Palisade fence is a cost-effective way to provide a high level of security to the boundary line of any property.

Palisade fence Feature:

·      Conform to international quality and environmental standards
are used to create a safe and healthy space for your life


·      Standard height and reliable anti-access spacing ensure your


·      High transparency and aesthetic effect


·      Personalized optional colors


·      Superior quality


·      Unique arc design, soft, elegant, and brilliant